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By guest, Mar 26 2015 08:03AM

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May 26 2016 06:02PM by Jeff Wilson

If you are smart you would not hire Trigg Construction to do any work inside your home ..Their employees are known to steal ...We had Prescription meds and Jewelry stolen from our home, and when we complained about it , Trigg owners did nothing about it .... Consider your self warned


I simply can't wait for a jury to hear our case against you...especially since your recent arrogant response to this long, drawn out legitimate issue with your horrible work was that "it's your busy season." Further, the ugly blue tarp that we have spread out really does keep the water from flooding our basement due to your faulty and subpar standard of concrete work. I should have known when one of your arrogant upper-management employees sat at my kitchen table and told my husband and I that he used "union workers" and not Trigg workers to do work on his own house that we were in trouble with your company and should have NEVER given Trigg a second chance to rectify the first horrible concrete job, which caused massive flooding in our basement, as well as many other issues. On top of that, the timeline of both concrete jobs was atrocious according to other more reputable concrete companies. I'm done being patient; I'm done with the blue tarp; I'm done being polite; I'm done looking at the concrete splattered all over my house; I'm done looking at the sloppy patch work. So keep on ignoring the problems and issues that your company created because one thing I'm looking forward to is what a jury of my peers will have to say about your work. I'm very, very confident that justice will be served.

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