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If you’re like most of us, you’ve seen your energy bills continue to rise. One option available to you is to install new windows and doors in your home. New doors and windows will stop the air in your home from escaping costing you precious dollars.


There are many windows to choose from. Call us at 740-676-9757 to discuss your options. We’ll even install custom built windows for you.

Great looking windows and doors for your home

  • Custom built windows

  • Storm windows and doors

  • Skylights and roof windows

  • Energy efficient windows

  • Weather stripping and caulking

  • Window frames and shutters

  • Easy to clean designs

Call Trigg Construction Home Improvement today at 740-676-9757 to discuss the costs and options you have to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Increase the value of your home

In addition to lowering your utility bills, if you are considering selling your home, new windows and doors can increase the beauty and value of your home.

When you own a business, windows and doors play a vital role. Windows can let natural light into an office reducing the cost of your lighting bill. And if you have a showroom, you want to be able to showcase your merchandise. Properly installed windows and doors can also cut down on the draftiness of your building.


Call Trigg Construction Home Improvement at 740-676-9757 to learn more about how we can help you.

Specialty windows and doors for your business

  • Installation of windows and doors

  • Custom built windows

  • Doors and entryways

  • Weather stripping and caulking

  • Specialty glass

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